Fs 20 new indian tractor apk | fs 20 all indian tractor game | fs 20 indian tractor | fs 20 lite apk

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Fs 20 new indian tractor apk | fs 20 all indian tractor game | fs 20 indian tractor | fs 20 lite apk

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(╭☞ 🌹{ Game Developers }🌹
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👉🚜🌾🌹 Farming simulator 20 game download link
iOS ►►👉 https://apps.apple.com/us/app/farming-simulator-20/id1478611992?l=de&ls=1
Android ►►👉https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.giantssoftware.fs20.google

🌹Credits 👉 Developed by :
GIANTS Software GmbH
🌹Executive Producer
Christlan Ammann
🌹Lead Programmer
Stefan Geiger
🌹Creative Director
Thomas Frey
🌹Lead Designer
Renzo Thönen
🌹Producer & Lead Artist
Marc Schwegler
🌹Associate Producer
Laetitia Sodoyar
🌹Senior Programmers
Thomas Brunner
Eddie Edwards
Manuel Leithner
Samo Jordan
Stefan Maurus
Jos Kuijpers
Andreas Dechambenoit
Nicolas Wrobel
Bojan Kerec
olivier Foure
Marius Hofmann
🌹Technical Artists
Evgeniy Zaitsev
Horia Serban
🌹Senior Vehicle Artist
Tomas Dostal
Vehicle Artist
Ivan Stanchev
🌹Environment Artist
Angelo Panciotto
Florian Busse
Maximilian Frömter
🌹Graphic Designers
Anett jaschke
Sandra Meier
Thomas Flachs
🌹Vehicle Integration
Chris Wachter
Daniel Witzel
🌹Audio Designer
Tiago Inácio
🌹QA Lead
Kenneth Burgess
🌹QA Analysts
Stephan Bongarta
Jana Stephan
Benjamin Neußinger
Martin Schücker
🌹PR & Marketing Manager
Martin Rabl
🌹Community Manager
Lars Maicharek

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